Catalogue of Dental Implants

Каталог дентальных имплантатов Алтимед Беларусь

Catalogue of Ceramic Restorations

Каталог дентальных реконструкций

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Ceramic Restorations


Aesthetic smile opens up new opportunities, because the first impression is inimitable. We recreate the natural beauty of teeth, helping to communicate easily and freely.

Ceramic crowns, veneers and lumineersTime-damaged teeth can be quickly restored using our aesthetic ceramic and metal elements, i.e.: single crowns and caps, bridges, durable veneers and finest lumineers, anatomical inlays, individual abutments and support structures.
A widest range of materials used allows you to choose the colour and shape of your teeth for the most natural and peculiar smile according to your expectations and anatomical features

Based on the clinical situation and price preferences, the optimal solution for dental reconstruction is selected.

Artificial and natural teeth can hardly be distinguished. When using lumineers - translucent ceramic linings of 0.2 mm thick only, while featuring high strength and anatomical aesthetics - their appearance meets the expectations of even most demanding customers.
Ceramics dental

Simple solutions

Crowns veneers
–  reconstruction and replacement of teeth
–  aesthetic smile restoration
–  dental elements ranging from budgetary to top-class models
–  durability and reliability

Natural look 

–  customised shaping of teeth, based on 3D scan pattern
–  wide range of colours with gradients
–  high-precision industrial production

Implant-based solutions

Dental implants and crowns
Complete tooth replacement applies an implant, which is screwed into the bone tissue and becomes a reliable support for the dental element.
Crown positioning takes effect with a conventional or tailored abutment.
It is possible to use either a single crown or prosthetic bridges with several crowns combined with support for several implants. This solution makes the structure stronger, reduces the load when chewing, thus extending the service life of the implant and restoration components.

Partial reconstructions

dental crowns and veneers
Partial wear of the teeth allows for ceramic and metal crowns to be integrated, by using the original teeth for the basis. This solution is one of the most popular, avoiding the implantation process and saving a part of the natural tooth.
Artificial crowns are made of durable materials with long service life and virtually not subject to wear.
Partial restorations are performed using ceramic inlays, onlays and full anatomical crowns, tailored by use of 3D scan.