This product is certified
in accordance with
European Medical Device Directive

Press-fit cup


Press-fit cup is an uncemented acetabular component of total hip replacement system. It combines the best features of ALTIMED products.

Features of Press-fit acetabular cup

  •      Osteointegration with the cup surface

  •      Lightweight and solid design

  •      Biocompatible TiO2 coating

  •      Can be used with BIOLOX delta ceramics

Osteointegration with cup surface

Primary fixation of the press-fit cup is provided by its tight fit into the acetabulum.

Porous titanium structure guarantees stable secondary press-fit fixation. After being introduced into the acetabulum, press-fit cup with uncemented fixation starts to integrate with it. Bone tissues ingrow into the porous Titanium structure of Press-fit cup, thus providing reliable secondary fixation and resistance to load.

Porous structure is designed to allow the natural liquids of the body to flow through it freely, thus forming new tissues and facilitating the restoration of joint after hip surgery.

Ingrowth of bone into tissues for uncemented implants is an obligatory precondition for survival of implant within the body and its long-term functioning.

Lightweight and solid design

Press-fit cup has a shape of semisphere with porous structure at the outer surface. For higher biocompatibility the outer surface is coated by Titanium dioxide.

Due to its shape, the cup is firmly positioned within the operated acetabulum. On the inside of the cup there are special slots designed for precise positioning of the polymeric or ceramic insert and preventing of its rotation.

Where necessary, the cup can be additionally fixed with the titanium bone screws with TiO2 coating through the holes in the cup. By default the holes are closed by Titanium plugs.

Винт спонгиозный HB 6.5 мм (титановый)




Biocompatible TiO2 coating

Biocompatibility of implant depends on the material it was made of. We manufacture implants from special materials approved by ISO standards as materials for implantable devices. Additionally, our products are coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2), which stimulates osteointegration and prevents migration of metal ions and microsubstances into the body.

Compatibility with BIOLOX delta ceramics

Press-fit cup is fully compatible with the high performance ceramics — BIOLOX delta, made by CeramTec, the global leading company in ceramic materials. That means that the cup can be equipped with friction pairs with lowest wear rate, strength and durability. The design of the cup is approved by CeramTec for being use with BIOLOX delta ceramics.


Press-fit cup can be used with inserts of 2 types: ceramic (BIOLOX delta) and polymeric (UHMW PE).

Materials used

We manufacture press-fit cup of materials approved for implantable devices and complying international standards. Press-fit cup is made of Titanium (corresponding ISO 5832/2), coated with TiO2 (Titanium dioxide), developed and patented by our company. To learn more about the materials, please visit Materials used.

Quality of press-fit cup

Comprehensive testing

All products of Altimed undergo various technical investigations for mechanical strength, accuracy of production and biocompatibility. In course of such tests, the press-fit cups subject to multicyclical load and impact. Besides, the reliability of insert's fixation within the cup was tested. All tests had positive results that exceed the requirements with sufficient reserve of strength.

European certification

Press-fit cup is manufactured in accordance with European Community Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. In course of annual audits, Altimed proves the compliance of its Quality management system and products to applicable requirements (See certificates).


  • Intense loss of substance and function of hip joint due to degenerative changes, post-traumatic, progressive arthritis deformans and traumas;
  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral bone head and fracture of neck and head of the femur;
  • After surgical operations of osteosynthesis, operation for restoration of joint function, arthrodesis.