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European Medical Device Directive

Protrusion ring


Protrusion ring is intended for consolidation of acetabulum which was damaged, deteriorated or lost the strength of its surface due to diseases (osteoporosis, destruction of cartilage and bone structures, etc.). Independent positioning of the cemented cup in the ring enables optimum cup orientation, thus the implant can be freely adopted to the shape of acetabulum. Protrusion ring is used in cases when reliable fixation of movable part of hip joint endoprosthesis is necessary.


Protrusion ring of acetabulum is manufactured from pure titanium (thickness — 2 mm) and has a shape of hemisphere. Roughness of internal surface is close to matt mirror.

The ring has holes designed for fixation to basin with help of titanium bone screws with Ti02 coating (Diameter 6.5 mm). Numerous screw holes give large variety of options for fixation. 

ALTIMED JSC produces 11 sizes of protrusion rings (type 1: Müller) and 22 sizes of protrusion ring (type 2: Burch-Schneider).


Protrusion ring is manufactured from pure titanium (corresponding ISO 5832/2), coated with TiO2 (Titanium dioxide), developed and patented by our company. To learn more about the materials, please visit Materials used.

Biocompatible TiO2 coating

Biocompatibility of implant depends on the material it was made of. We manufacture implants from special materials approved by ISO standards as materials for implantable devices. Additionally, our products are coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2), which stimulates osteointegration and prevents migration of metal ions and microsubstances into the body.


  • Intense loss of substance and function of hip joint due to degenerative changes, post-traumatic, progressive arthritis deformans and traumas;
  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral bone head and fracture of neck and head of the femur;
  • After surgical operations of osteosynthesis, operation for restoration of joint function, arthrodesis.