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in accordance with
European Medical Device Directive

Cementless femoral stem


Cementless femoral stem SLPS is the most popular stem model of ALTIMED. Porous titanium structure, Titanium dioxyde coating and special geometry makes it a biocompatible, reliably fixed and stable uncemented femoral stem for total hip replacing.

Key features

     Porous Titanium structure
     3-wedge shape
     Biocompatible TiO2 coating
     Wide range of sizes
     Light and solid design
     Eurocone 12/14

Porous Titanium structure

Proximal part of the stem has a porous Titanium structure intended for ingrowth of bone tissues. Deep ingrowth of bone into the implant provides perfect fixation and stability of the stem. The pores are designed to preserve the natural nutrition of femoral bone and facilitate rehabilitation by unrestricted flow of blood, which builts new tissues. Strong connection of bone and implant reduces friction in the intramedullary cavity and saves patients from pain in the hip.

Similar porous structures are used in other hip implants produced by ALTIMED, which creates integral system of total hip implants with uncemented fixation.

3-wedge geometry

Wedge-shaped geometry of the stem in 3 planes (3-wedge geometry) is designed for high stability and press-fixation in the proximal part of femur. Being introduced into the intramedullary canal, the stem rests upon its sides in the frontal plane. Wedge shape makes it possible to preserve the intramedullary bloodflow.

3-wedge shape combined with porous structure reduces stress in the intertrochanteric zone and evenly distributes the loads on the femoral bone.

Titanium dioxyde coating

Biocompatibility of implant depends on the material it was made of. We manufacture implants from special materials approved by ISO standards as materials for implantable devices. Additionally, our products are coated with Titanium dioxyde (TiO2), which stimulates osteointegration and prevents migration of metal ions and microsubstances into the body.

Wide range of sizes

12 sizes of stem selected on the basis of long-term x-ray and anatomic investigations provide sufficient flexibility for doctors in terms of individual approach to each patients. Stem can be used with metallic and ceramic femoral heads of various sizes, and uncemented acetabular cups of 2 types.

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