Tubular plates

  • One-third tubular plate
    Indicationfor metatarsus and metacarpal
    Thickness1 mm
    Width9 mm
    Hole spacing16 and 12 mm
    Fixationscrews D 3.0 and D 4.0 mm
    Ends fixationscrews D 4.0 mm
  • Semitubular plate
    Indicationfor fibula and radius
    Thickness1 mm
    Width11 mm
    Hole spacing26 and 16 mm
    FixationCortical screws D 4.5 mm
  • Quarter tubular plate
    Thickness1 mm
    Width7.5 mm
    Hole spacing8 mm
    Fixationscrews D 2.7 and D 3.5 mm