Intended use

Centralizer is designed to limit the disposition of bone cement in the bone canal. It is installed at the required level of deepness. The size is determined on the basis of bone canal width.

Description of design

Centralizer has an internal cavity designed to set a cemented stem against it. The external surface has concentric gutters to be filled with bone cement. Besides, there are openings designed to fix the centralizer within the bone canal.

In the lower diametral slot there is a metallic ring allowing to control post-operational position of centralizer with help of x-ray.

The centralizer is manufactured from ultra high molecular polyethylene (ISO 5834/2).

Ultra high molecular polyethylene proved to be a perfect material to manufacture tribologically loaded components. Particularly, among advantages of this material is low friction rate and low deterioration. Besides, the material has low density, low absorbing ability, low swelling degree.

ALTIMED JSC manufactures 6 sizes of centralizer.

Conditions of storage

The device should be stored in a dry place at room temperature. The indicator label (sterilization dot) must be red. It is prohibited to use the implant after 5 years from sterilization date.