This product is certified
in accordance with
European Medical Device Directive

Cemented femoral stem


Cemented femoral stem is intended for functional restoration of natural hip joint both for primary replacement and revision arthroplasty, and for rehabilitation of the patients with traumas and diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus by the means of endoprosthetics. It is recommended for patients of elderly age with marked osteoporosis.



Stem of the implant is wedge-shape in three planes. Being introduced into the medullary cavity the stem is firmly leant upon its wall in the frontal plane. Three-wedge shape provides high rotational stability of the implant without disturbing the intramedullary blood supply.


Cemented femoral stem has fixing grooves on its side surfaces in the proximal part of the stem. Design of cemented femoral stem ensures optimal distribution of load in the contact areas of stem – cement mantle due to its triclinic shape. Fixing grooves help to improve fixation of the endoprosthesis.

Eurocone 12/14

Standard Eurocone 12/14 on the neck of the stem is suitable for metallic, ceramic, bipolar and monopolar heads.


Cemented femoral stem is made of Cobalt-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy CoCrMo (ISO 5832/4). This alloy combines good mechanical parameters with high tribological features. Owing to its biocompatibility this alloy is recognized by all international standards as a material for manufacturing implants.