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Ceramic femoral head


BIOLOX delta is a high performance ceramic biocomposite material with the potential to be used in applications which were not previously possible using ceramics. It combines the excellent material properties of alumina ceramics in terms of chemical and hydrothermal stability with extremely low wear, superior mechanical strength and improved fracture toughness.

Advantages of BIOLOX delta

  • no scratches
  • excellent wettability
  • improved fracture toughness
  • maximum biocompatibility

Бедренные керамические головки и вкладыши пары трения керамика-керамика

Historical data

BIOLOX materials are the gold standard for orthopedic application. No other manufacturer’s material is used as often for wear couples as BIOLOX ceramics. Over eight million BIOLOX components have been implanted since 1974.

BIOLOX delta is the newest material in the BIOLOX family. It is a mixed oxide ceramic with increased fracture strength, excellent wear properties and unlimited biocompatibility. Since its launch 1.6 million BIOLOX delta ball heads and over 700,000 inserts (as of end of July 2012) have been implanted worldwide.

Wear and osteolysis

Studies show that ceramic wear couples have an osteolytic potential that is roughly 50 times lower than highly cross-linked polyethylene. Ceramic ball heads reduce polyethylene wear to significantly less than 0.1 mm per year.

Compared to metal/polyethylene solutions, BIOLOX /polyethylene wear couples reduce the rate of implant loosening and revision surgery and the associated complications by 2-5 times.

BIOLOX Ceramic/Ceramic Wear Couples

The results are excellent and have been proven in detail over extended periods to deliver

  • the lowest wear rates
  • outstanding biocompatibility and excellent stability in vivo
  • biocompatibility of both the solid material and the particles
  • diamond-like hardness of the material
  • high resistance to third-body wear

Larger ceramic ball heads

New generation of ceramic Biolox delta can be used in order to produce large size ball heads (D32, 36 and 40 mm). When a larger ball head is used in a wear couple it allows to obtain an increased range of motion and stability for the patient or to reduce the risk of subluxation.


BIOLOX forte and BIOLOX delta ball heads and cup inserts can be combined with ceramic components from the BIOLOX  family of products as well as with inserts made from conventional and highly cross-linked polyethylene.


  • Intense loss of substance and function of hip joint due to degenerative changes, post-traumatic, progressive arthritis deformans and traumas;
  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral bone head and fracture of neck and head of the femur;
  • After surgical operations of osteosynthesis, operation for restoration of joint function, arthrodesis.