This product is certified
in accordance with
European Medical Device Directive

Threaded cup


Threaded cup is intended for cementless functional restoration of hip joint (its acetabular part) in cases of various traumas, infections and osteoporosis.


Threaded cup is designed as a truncated cone with a spherical segment on its top, aimed at maximum adaptation to acetabulum anatomy, thus minimizing the amount of bone structures to be resected.

Self-cutting thread

Conic shape of the cup has a self-cutting thread with such shape and step that creates stable fixation of the cup, even in cases of marked osteoporosis.

Porous titanium insert

Ring of the cup is used with polymeric insert (UHMW PE, ISO 5834/2).

Spherical segment of polymeric insert has a porous titanium structure intended for deep ingrowth of bone tissues, providing perfect fixation in the acetabulum. The pores are designed to preserve the natural nutrition of bone and facilitate rehabilitation by unrestricted flow of blood, which builts new tissues.

Titanium dioxide coating

Titanium dioxide coating of the cup and porous titanium structure of the polymeric insert provide excellent biocompatibility and extraordinary corrosion resistance.

Materials used

Threaded cup is produced of pure Titanium (ISO 5832/2) - one of the most biocompatible materials in orthopedics. Polymeric insert is produced of UHMWPE (ISO 5834/2), with insert from porous Titanium (ISO 5832/2). To learn more about the characteristics of the materials, please visit Materials Used.

Individual fit

10 sizes of cup (D 40, 42, 44, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61, 64 mm) provide sufficient flexibility for doctors in terms of individual approach to each patient. Cup can be used with 2 types of polymeric cup inserts (symmetric and asymmetric) and metallic heads diameter 22.2 mm and 28 mm.


  • Intense loss of substance and function of hip joint due to degenerative changes, post-traumatic, progressive arthritis deformans and traumas;
  • Avascular necrosis of the femoral bone head and fracture of neck and head of the femur;
  • After surgical operations of osteosynthesis, operation for restoration of joint function, arthrodesis.